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Planning Work in Lewisburg’s Historic District? Here’s What to Know

Lewisburg has a proud tradition of recognizing and supporting efforts to honor our past by establishing a National Register Historic District, developing City codes designed to protect the District, and appointing an Historic Landmarks Commission to help regulate construction work in the Historic District.

When planning construction or repair work on any building within the Lewisburg Historic District, there are printed guidelines available at City Hall. Here are the most important points:

  • All exterior changes of any kind to buildings in the Historic District must have a Certificate of Appropriateness before a Building Permit can be issued and work can begin. Interior work is not regulated by the Historic Landmarks Commission but may still require a Building Permit
  • All business signs in the Historic District require a Sign Permit with validation by the Historic Landmarks Commission before they can be installed.
  • Construction of new buildings or outbuildings in the Historic District are considered somewhat differently than changes or additions to older structures, but still require a Certificate of Appropriateness before a Building Permit can be issued and work started.
  • All deliberations of the Historic Landmarks Commission are held at regular times, usually the second Monday of each month, in a public place, usually Lewisburg’s City Hall. The only permits that can be authorized outside of these public meetings are emergency permits (storm damage, water leaking into living spaces, etc.) issued through appeal to Lewisburg’s mayor.
  • Applications for Certificates of Appropriateness must be submitted approximately 14 days before the regular, publicized meetings of the Historic Landmarks Commission and must be completed with all materials available for examination at least 7 days before the public meeting.

So, if you are thinking of changing an exterior paint color, adding or replacing windows, building a garage or swimming pool, visit City Hall EARLY in the process to make sure your project is listed in the published agenda and is complete so that your chances of approval are excellent. If you have questions about this process, contact City Hall at 304-645-2080.

Lewisburg’s Planning and Zoning Officer, Chuck Smith, deals with a diverse array of duties such as:  issuing building and sign permits; advising the public of zoning laws; reviewing site plan plans; attending Planning Commission and Storm water Committee meetings and handling/resolving citizen complaints.

To contact Chuck Smith, call 304-645-3776, extension 117 or email

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